#SmallThingsMatter CG Campaign

Courageous Girls, in partnership with Because International, is raising money to send The Shoe That Grows to refugee children and families around the world!

The Shoe That Grows is a shoe that expands five sizes and lasts for years, developed for kids impacted by poverty.

The shoes will be distributed by Lifting Hands International, a non-profit organization that works with refugees around the globe. Through Lifting Hands these shoes will be sent to Bangladesh, Tanzania and Afghanistan.

A core value of Courageous Girls is the opportunity to model a servant’s heart to our daughters through gifting our resources to others in need. The health landscape requires a deeper level of innovation as we serve this year, but raising funds for these shoes can be done from the safety of your home through a number of exciting ideas…many of which are not yet realized by your own daughters!

CG groups around the globe can unite for one common goal to raise funds for The Shoes That Grows. You can either partner with your CG group or work with your daughter (and community) to raise funds.

Some ideas:

  1. Pray about donating directly as a family.
  2. Connect with your CG group and see how the girls might innovate and fundraise this month. Challenge the group to purchase 1-10 pairs of shoes. CG groups have sold cookie dough, baked goods, created a gift basket to raffle off, car washes, sold arts and crafts, etc.
  3. Share this vision with friends on social media = the more the merrier!
  4. Check with your employer about donation matching opportunities.

$20 = 1 pair
$100 = 5 pairs
$200 = 10 pairs


To learn more about the #smallthingsmatter campaign or ways you or your CG group can partner, please follow us on Facebook at mycourageousgirls and Instagram @mycourageousgirls.

Be Loved, Love Well