Courageous Girls Coaching

CG Coaching helps you get unstuck and move forward

Leading moms and daughters is an important call to leadership. 

And you weren’t made to tackle that call by yourself.

We want to help you thrive as a Courageous Girls Leader. 

Whether you’re just starting your group or you’ve led one for years, coaching can help you grow your leadership skills so you can walk with God, your daughter, and your group with greater confidence. 

Through Courageous Girls coaching, you’ll use tools like the Core Values Index which helps you explore your personal passions and reveals the dreams God has for you as a mom, wife, CG leader, and daughter of the King. 

Our trained coaches are ready to walk with you

Our trained coach, Steph West, is ready to help you get unstuck and move forward!

This can look like navigating through feelings of insecurity, learning more about your God-given design, finding rhythms of self-care, or picking up some clear communication or conflict resolution tools.

We want to help you prioritize YOU, which models to our children a healthy tuning in of our own needs.  

How it Works

a session

with your coach

Get unstuck
and move forward

Private Coaching Appointment Options

  • One one-hour session: $65
  • Five one-hour sessions: $330 – save $25

Email to request a private coaching session with Steph. We’ll follow up with you to schedule a time—then get you unstuck and move forward!

Be Loved, Love Well