Small Group Curriculum

No matter when your group forms, there is a specific curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

Choose the curriculum based on the age of the majority of your group participants. Ideally, groups will start with the First Year Curriculum and move on from there; however, if your group is older, it makes more sense to start with the curriculum that is most age-appropriate.

We encourage all groups to start with Year 1, Lesson 1 in order to lay a solid foundation.

First Year Curriculum (2nd/3rd Grade)

In this first year of Courageous Girls, lessons focus on being rooted in the vine and growing the fruits of the Spirit. By these fruits, we are empowered to be good friends to our families, our peers and those who are difficult to love. This year forms the foundation that future years will build upon, establishing healthy relationships with self, God, one another and community.

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Second Year Curriculum (3rd/4th Grade)​

Lessons that comprise the second year of Courageous Girls focus on what it means to be made in the image of God and how that translates to caring for our bodies on every level. Shaping our views of what it means to be female, this year lays a powerful foundation for healthy body image, the value of purity, self-care and our identity in Christ. Hands-on activities and honest discussions pave the way for timely conversations between mother and daughter, as the tween years quickly approach. 

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Third Year Curriculum (4th/5th Grade)

As a group dives into the Third Year Curriculum, moms and daughters will deepen their connection with a series of important discussions around God’s plan and purpose for each of us. Lessons address the power of who God is in us, learning to participate and value our unique roles (and the roles of others) in a community where God is doing His mighty works. Key topics include understanding our identity in Christ, unveiling our Core Values and hard wiring, discovering our God-given gifts and talents, nurturing personal changes in our bodies and emotions. Relationships will deepen and confidence will grow as this third year requires great trust and vulnerability.

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Fourth Year Curriculum (Middle School)

This Fourth Year Curriculum will re-visit some of the discussions from earlier years, but at a deeper level of understanding to meet the developmental readiness and relevant issues of this age group: Friendship, bullying, confidence, body image, purity, pornography, boys and identity. Time will be spent engaging in more activities together (like rock climbing, self-defense class, service projects, etc.) since this age group often learns best by DOING.

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Fifth Year Curriculum (Middle School)

The Fifth Year Curriculum launches with a purity weekend retreat to continue to unpack what it means to really follow Jesus and be a girl after God’s heart. Relevant issues of injustice, caring for the poor and hurting, deepening our heart/mind/body/soul connection help our teens cope with the intensity of the world. We will explore how to keep a balance of honoring diversity in other faiths and world views while still maintaining our own convictions to stand upon. This year will likely include many 13th birthdays, so there will be plenty of celebrating one another and pointing the girls toward their unique fingerprint. Get ready for adventure, challenges and powerful illustrations that will keep moms and daughters connected to their own hearts, to one another and to the heart of God.

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Sixth Year Curriculum (Middle School)

The Sixth Year Curriculum prepares girls for the high school years, discussing the role of boys, peer pressure, accountability, and mentorship more specifically. We will focus on “keeping the main thing the main thing,” while reviewing past discussions around healthy communication, emotional regulation, friendship, body image, social media and true courage. Identity formation is naturally happening during a daughter’s teen years. This will continue to point her toward her true identity while reinforcing the love, grace and the truth of God. By now, a strong foundation of trust, authenticity and community is established in the CG group that will allow for real and honest conversations about the daily issues the girls face. This will be the bedrock of this year’s gatherings. Practice, practice, practice!

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Seventh Year Curriculum (High School)

The Seventh Year Curriculum helps girls face the foundational concerns of high school students. There’s a drastic shift in a girl’s emotional, physical, and spiritual development in these years. Though teens tend to naturally pull away from their moms at this stage of life, they still need her to navigate the many life concerns she’s facing in real time. Moms and daughters will read three books throughout the year discussing the theology of suffering, how to deal with disappointment, true beauty, social media, developing confidence, as well as healthy versus unhealthy relationships in friendships, romance, dating, and more. Though we’ve been discussing these themes throughout the CG years, these are the years we’ve been preparing for! Moms and daughters will take turns leading the group and leaning in with their own personal touches. The goal is to keep the conversation open between moms and daughters, normalizing the reality of what it means to be loved, and to love others well. We’ll discuss what God has to say about us and all the real issues girls are seeing in today’s culture. Though anyone can start Courageous Girls with their high school daughter, our hope is that you’re building on top of years of safe and trusted relationships during these discussions.

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