December 2021—Jesus’ Radical Generosity of Grace

December’s Recommended Resources are curated to support you in having critical conversations with your children, spouse, CG group, and community, to allow a deeper understanding of Jesus’ Radical Generosity of Grace.

Resources to READ this month:

Over Being Overwhelmed: The Heart of the Matter – Living Wholehearted (Terra Mattson, CG co-founder).


101 Simple and Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Away (Matthew West) – Matthew West shares 101 inspiring ways for you, your family, and your church to give this Christmas away. This book will share practical ideas and inspiring stories of giving that will help you give the message of the ultimate Christmas gift this year—Jesus.

The Sparkle Box (Jill Hardie) A book on the transformative power of kindness and loving others well.

The Invisible Thread (Laura Schroff, Alex Tresniowski, et al.) A powerful story that captures the true meaning of Christmas and will be one you’ll want to share with your family year after year as a reminder that a gift from the heart is always the best present under the tree.

Voices of Christmas (Nikki Grimes) The Christmas story unfolds, as never before, through the voices of those who witnessed the Messiah’s birth.

Christmas Tapestry (Patricia Polacco) A beautiful story bringing together two families and two faiths on Christmas eve through a tapestry lost but found in the most divinely appointed way.

Iam the Lamb (Madison Karr) The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Lamb of God – innocent and pure – who would be sacrificed for the sins of the world.  Iam (pronounced EE-um) the Lamb is a symbol of this gift to remind us of what Christmas is truly about. Jesus was born to bring God’s glory to earth – to turn darkness to light – and Iam wants to encourage you to shine the light of Jesus throughout the world.

Resources to WATCH this month: 

Dear Mattsons Each week, Jeff (MA ORGL) and Terra (MA LPC, LMFT) Mattson, co-founders of Courageous Girls, will answer your BIG and small questions about raising kids in today’s anxious world. Tune into YouTube for their first episode. Got a question for the Mattsons? Submit a question!

Resources to LISTEN to this month:

100 Day Bible Challenge (Soulspace) Be sure to check out their podcast and encouragement on how to cultivate a daily presence in God’s word.  Listen to the podcast episode.

Be Loved, Love Well