It’s so hard to be a girl today

…and so many of us moms are starving for help

Courageous Girls groups redefine the way we walk and talk through real issues with our daughters

Girls Today Don’t Face the Same Challenges We Faced

Friends, social media, culture—confusing voices clamor for their attention. 

More girls suffer from anxiety and depression than ever before as they struggle to understand who they are and where they belong.

As a mom, you can feel lost and alone not knowing how to guide your daughter from childhood through adolescence.

It shouldn’t be this way

Invite Your Daughter To Learn Who She Really Is

A Courageous Girls group can be a place where your daughter

  • Understands her identity is rooted in what God says about her
  • Discovers her unique purpose—and how God equips her for that purpose
  • Builds safe, trusted relationships with both friends and adults
  • Hears how God’s truth clarifies all of today’s important and confusing issues

A Courageous Girls group gives your daughter the confidence she needs to grow in God’s grace.

And a Courageous Girls group gives you the confidence to be the guide your daughter needs.

My daughter knows there’s nothing she can’t come to me about, even if it’s hard.  She’s made strong friendships with the girls in her group and it’s incredible to see them dive into God’s word together.

—Katie T, CG leader

Set Your Daughter on a Path to Know She’s Loved

We get it—life gets busy. You blink and your daughter’s graduating from high school. 

Courageous Girls groups help you parent without regrets. 

In a Courageous Girls group, you’ll join other moms and daughters once per month to grow and learn together. 

You don’t have to do this alone


Having other Courageous Girls moms and detailed lessons to know how to explain tough subjects is a blessing.

—Megan M, CG leader

Courageous Girls Equips You With Everything You Need
to Start Your Own Group

Faith-informed curriculum
based on biblical wisdom and 20 years of clinical experience

Age-appropriate lessons
from second grade through high school on hot topics like body image, bullying, sexuality, pornography, and friendships

Clear guidance
on how to organize and run your group

Email templates and lessons
you can easily share with your group

Regular training/coaching opportunities
ask questions, get answers

Informative monthly email
with timely tips and resources

Flexible time commitment
your group meets just once per month

Start your Courageous Girls group to see lasting growth for you and your daughter

Your Courageous Girls Guides

Terra Mattson, MA LMFT, LPC and Jeff Mattson, MA ORGL

Co-founders of Courageous Girls & Living Wholehearted

The Mattsons are a husband and wife team raising their two teen daughters outside Portland, Oregon. They’ve combined their professional expertise and God-designed passions to help leaders live with integrity in the home, work and community. Courageous Girls is a unique blend of their clinical, biblical and relational wisdom.

Terra is the Courageous Girls visionary and curriculum developer. As a licensed marriage & family therapist, professional counselor, and executive coach, she has over twenty years of clinical and ministry experience in play therapy, trauma-recovery, marriage counseling, and spiritual formation. She is a national speaker, social-entrepreneur and author of Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace.

Jeff serves as the president overseeing the executive coaching and organizational arm of Living Wholehearted, a professional counseling and leadership development firm. A former pastor, Jeff is passionate about helping dads pursue their wives and children in the home. Together they co-authored Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Between What Leaders Preach and Live. They are the co-hosts of the weekly Living Wholehearted Podcast, as well as Christian Parenting spokespersons and hosts of the Dear Mattsons YouTube series.

Stephanie West

Courageous Girls Coach

Stephanie has a MA in Counseling and a certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary, as well as specialized training in the Core Values Index. She loves coaching women leaders and championing them in forward movement towards their desired goals.

Courageous Girls has given me intentional time to have conversations and build trust with my daughter, and we’re building deep friendships at the same time through our monthly gatherings.

—Kayla M, CG leader

How it Works

your group

the lessons

your daughter flourish

What Is Courageous Girls?

Be Loved, Love Well