There is so much to learn about being a girl. So many of us moms are still discovering this and hungry for help. We want to help moms discover their own courage in raising a daughter who knows herself as LOVED.


Gather a group of women who are ready to commit to the Courageous Girls Journey.


Meet together regularly to have intentional conversations guided by the curriculum.


Surround yourself and daughter in a community rooted and growing in grace.

Our Mission

Equipping moms with biblical and clinical wisdom for every stage of their daughter’s growing years in order to raise up a generation of courageous girls who are rooted in grace, resiliency, and unwavering purpose. 

What Courageous Girls are saying

“CG has given me a good blueprint on conversations to have with my daughter and has given me the confidence to discuss hard topics and have an open line of communication with her.”

CG mom of a 6th grader

“I was very hesitant to do this group because I have been hurt by many women over my life. This group is changing me as I allow others to enter into my journey with my daughters. I know my daughter and I are closer and able to talk about any topic that arises now because of how our CG group has given me confidence and know-how. I am so hopeful for our future as we enter the tween and teen years together.”

CG mom of a 3rd grader

“Without CG, my daughter and I would not have the connection we now have. It has been such a gift to our relationship.”

“Egg Lady,” CG mom of a 5th grader

“Courageous girls has been such a blessing to me. I have learned ways to communicate best with my daughter and ways to help guide her on so many topics. My daughter has a better understanding of how God created her and who He created her to be. For both of us, our faith continues to grow, as well as our relationship. I am very thankful God led us to this special group.”

CG mom of a 6th grader

“Courageous Girls has cultivated a deeper desire inside of me – one that encourages me to parent intentionally and to do the hard work that is required when raising daughters in the world we live in. I am far more equipped than I was 3 years ago, and I am motivated to lead my younger children well, too.”

CG mom of a 4th grader

“I am less anxious and more calm because I know that God gives me strength and purpose in all situations. CG has helped me be confident with friends, even when it’s hard, and to stand up for what I know is right for me. I really like talking to my mom before and after our meetings about the topics and journaling together, too.”

CG 4th grade daughter

“I have watched every single mom grow in her own confidence, worth, and value over the years. Most of the moms in our group did not grow up in healthy homes or in the Christian faith. Through CG, God has healed, restored and renewed these mamas in their ability to do parenting differently — relationally. Banning together has allowed us to practice what we preach to our daughters. It can be hard at times, but we always see God working and helping deepen our foundation in His grace.”

CG leader

“I love Courageous Girls. I feel like I have a deeper relationship with God, my mom, and my friends because of it.”

5th grade CG daughter

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The curriculum is completely free to CG members.

Resources if you are, or thinking of, leading a group.

InCourage: Raising Daughters in Grace

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Thought for today...

Emotions are like trains -- they move quickly and can be powerful -- especially when experienced by tween or teenage girls! One day they can be fully in-check and regulated, and the very next day they may veer off track or even run you over.


We need to teach our girls (and remember ourselves) that emotions do not control us; rather, they can help guide us toward a more authentic version of ourselves and to a deeper connection to God and others. Calmly and gently teach your girl to breathe through her strong emotions and to simultaneously ask God to help her understand what is at the root of the emotion.

A powerful lesson we can teach our girls is that unlike emotions, God's love and care for us is CONSTANT! It does not change; it is un-movable, regardless of how we are feeling in the moment. It is STEADY! Let's teach our girls how to find the quiet space (even in the midst of big emotions) and ask for help - both from caring individuals and from God. Let's empower them with a foundation of faith - faith that supersedes feelings; faith in a God who calms stormy seas and even conducts locomotive trains! 

Be Loved, Love Well