About Courageous Girls

Courageous Girls was developed by Terra Mattson with the help of passionate mothers who have spent decades in the fields of teaching. counseling, leadership and ministry. Our goal is simple: To help build and support committed gatherings of young girls and their moms who have intentional & Biblical conversations. We hope that regular discussions in a safe and personal environment will promote authentic and strong relationships between the girls, the moms and most importantly, between mothers and daughters so that we all develop a confident identity in Christ. With this identity firmly rooted, we can better understand our unique beauty as women and develop our desire to live a courageous life. 

This is true for our daughters, as well as for us mamas, who must model this unique lifestyle in a world that suggests we should be fitting in with the status quo. Instead of isolation, we choose community and connection. Instead of worldly input, we seek God’s word in our lives. Instead of competition, comparison and judgment, we strive to grow in gratitude, joy, and acceptance so that we are equipped to love others well and live our lives from a place of wholeness and grace. It is not a meager task; it is one that requires sacrifice, strength, character, and commitment. It is also a process constantly evolving, especially in our ever-changing, technologically-infused lives. As our daughters grow and change, we, too, must adapt the way we connect with them as well as the way we demonstrate love. May you be inspired and encouraged to become a Courageous Girl! 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Terra A. Mattson, M.A. LMFT, LPC

Terra is a daughter, wife, mom to two girls (whom she adores deeply and believes mightily for), co-founder of Living Wholehearted, LLC, a professional counseling and organizational consulting firm outside of Portland, OR, and Courageous Girls with her best friend and husband, Jeff Mattson. She is the clinical director of their counseling and coaching practice, a licensed marriage & family therapist (relationships) and professional counselor (mental health), author, podcastor, speaker, and social-entrepreneur.

Birthed from her own heart for her two daughters and the wisdom she has gained with her clients in her professional counseling office, she started Courageous Girls in 2011 alongside seven other moms and daughters. Over the years, Courageous Girls groups started popping up throughout the nation and now the globe. Currently leading two CG groups of her own, one with each of her daughters, Terra has found an incredible source of love, strength, and friendship among the groups. She never imagined that what she prayed for over her little baby girls would turn into a global movement!

Developing Courageous Girls and writing the curriculum, Terra leaned into her fifteen years as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor and teaching the Bible in vocational ministry and various women’s retreats, she developed Courageous Girls and all the curriculum with a passion for integrating biblical, clinical and relational wisdom to prevent and help restore the generations long devastated (Isaiah 61). She continues to passionately teach, speak, write, and lead leaders, women, couples, and families throughout the nation. She published her first book, Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted In Grace and is launched the Courageous Gathering in 2020. Jeff and Terra just released their first co-authored book, Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Between What Leaders Preach and Live. (David C. Cook, 2020)

She longs to see people find redemption in the messiest places and believes deeply in the healing power of Christ’s love. Terra is praying for a generation of moms and daughters (and their families). She believes there is a movement of profound courage rising up and rooted IN the power of Jesus. In a world desperate for hope, the time is now!

To learn more about where Terra is currently speaking and her work as an author and podcaster, please visit TerraMattson.com.


A Fun Fact about Terra

If Terra had a tattoo, it would say, “A beautiful mess and loved.” If there was room, she would add, “Now all glory to God, who IS ABLE, through HIS mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we could ask or imagine. Glory to Him.” Ephesians, 3:20

But that would hurt…and she’s not THAT courageous! 

Meet Jeff Mattson, MA ORGL

As the Co-Founder of Living Wholehearted and Courageous Girls, Jeff is the dad to his own courageous girls, Addie and Nevie. Jeff has a history of working in pastoral ministry, higher education, family-business, and now as an organizational development consultant and leadership coach. As the Living Wholehearted President, Jeff leads the executive coaching and organizational development arm of the Living Wholehearted organization, helping leaders live with integrity in their businesses and non-profit organizations. Passionate about helping dads pursue their wives and children in the home, he has worked to integrate every dad’s involvement in CG groups from the get-go. Though Jeff understands that not every CG daughter has an involved dad, he encourages CG mamas to find a male leader who can stand in the gap wherever possible (grandpa, uncle, youth leader).

Jeff writes, records, and releases songs to encourage families in their faith along with teaching, speaking, and writing.  Jeff and Terra invest time together as a team to support, inspire, and challenge parents every week on their Living Wholehearted Podcast, part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. Launching the first annual CG Father/Daughter Campout in 2015 in Addie’s group, he believes that dads need other models to spur one another on regardless of their stories and journey along the way. You’ll find Jeff with a fly rod or archery bow outside with his girls. He loves God’s creation and the playground God provides throughout the PNW.

To learn more about where Jeff is speaking, books, or his professional services, go to www.livingwholehearted.com

Meet beth kershner

Beth is moved to support women in the turbulent and animated life of raising daughters. As our baby girls shift into young women, parenting doesn’t need to turn to panic or resignation! God provides hope in these beautiful relationships and she is excited to walk alongside moms as they walk alongside their girls, in truth and in love.

She holds a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, served 5 years as a lifestyle coach for hundreds of individuals and currently runs the family farm in a small community outside of Portland, Oregon. Beth has been married to her funny man, Jeff, for 18 years and they are raising their 2 daughters and son. She is most at home in a flannel shirt, ponytail and farm boots.

A Fun Fact about Beth

Beth worked on a county road crew in high school, where she got to drive big trucks, dig holes and make street signs. She was given the nickname “Crash” for no reason at all…

Meet stephanie n. west, m.a. counseling

Stephanie, a mom of three precious kiddos (2 girls and one boy) and wife to her wonderful husband Nick, is part of the Courageous Girls Leadership Development Team.  With a Master’s in Counseling and currently finishing her Certificate in Transformational Coaching at Western Seminary, Stephanie’s heart has always been drawn to mentoring and championing women as they navigate life’s changes and transitions.  She values being part of these sacred moments of holding a woman’s story. With a diversified background in HR, Marketing, Employee Relations, and Employee Advocacy, perhaps Stephanie’s favorite title the past decade has been “mom.” 

Stephanie has valued the different seasons of working in and outside the home and her greatest freedom in the Lord has been knowing she is “enough” just as she is. Stephanie values helping other women understand their unique giftings and to courageously follow the Lord’s promptings in their life. After successfully beating Thyroid Cancer in the summer of 2018, the Lord renewed Stephanie’s thirst for living with intention and purpose for herself and family. She courageously said yes to co-leading her older daughter’s Courageous Girls group last year and became a member of another CG group with her younger daughter.  Stephanie values the platform Courageous Girls provides for faith to take root and grow deeper, for moms/daughters to experience intentional conversations, for relationships with moms/daughters to flourish, and for all daughters to know they are loved without conditions by their Maker. 

Stephanie is honored to be part of the Courageous Girl Leadership Development Team and walk alongside leaders, group members, and mom/daughter duos.  In Stephanie’s free time she loves to run, take her family on spontaneous road trips, and breathe in fresh air at the coast while concurrently
exploring tide pools.



A Fun Fact about Stephanie

Stephanie loved getting to merge two of her passions (travel & running) by participating in the London Marathon.

Be Loved, Love Well